Signs You May Need To Replace Solar Battery

Jul. 02, 2021

Signs You May Need To Replace Solar Battery

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Solar lights need rechargeable batteries, solar arrays, controllers and LED bulbs to work properly. A solar battery is a solar array or small photovoltaic cell that is responsible for capturing sunlight during the daylight hours and then converting the solar energy into electrical energy. A "charge controller" can ensure that the battery is not overcharged and monitor the amount of light and the switching of the LED lights.

So, how do you know if you need to replace the solar battery? Please check the following signs that prompt you to replace the solar battery.

Use regular batteries to light up solar lights

You can easily check whether there is a problem with the solar rechargeable battery and replace it with a normal or normal battery.

If your solar light is not turned on at night, it is intended to be turned on, but when you turn on the regular battery, it means that the problem with the bulb is not the light of another component, but the solar battery failure or wear.

Note: Please pay close attention to the position of solar lights, because solar batteries need to be charged by solar energy. When they are in a cool place, they cannot be charged normally.

The lighting does not return to normal after charging

After the solar battery is charged, the solar illuminance should return to normal. If not, you need to replace the solar battery.

Here is how to test solar batteries:

Place the solar lamp in the sun for two days. Remember that the solar lamp must be exposed to direct sunlight for at least four hours a day to effectively charge the solar battery.

Check whether the lighting of the solar lamp is back to normal.

If the light returns to normal, it means that your solar panels are not getting enough sunlight, not that there is a problem with the battery.

You didn't take out the solar battery

When storing solar lights in winter, you need to take out the solar batteries to save their life, otherwise, the batteries will run out. If you try to test the solar lights with old batteries, they still don't work even after charging for a whole day, you need to replace the old batteries.

Here is how to replace old solar batteries with new ones:

Remove the defective battery from the solar lamp.

Solar battery

Solar battery

If you cannot find the battery cover, you need to take apart the solar light. Usually, you will see the screws that hold the battery on the top or bottom of the lamp.

Once you have used solar batteries, you can now take them off and replace them with new ones.

Have you tried using other solar light batteries, but they still don’t work

If you don't have a regular battery, if you have two or more solar batteries, you can install the solar battery on a working solar lamp to test the solar battery. Before testing, make sure to fully charge the solar battery for several hours under another solar lamp. If another solar lamp works with the newly charged old solar batteries, then the original solar lamp may malfunction. There are other issues that affect solar power generation and solar lighting, so batteries are not always the culprit.

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